LÝSI, a leading Icelandic producer of omega-3 supplements, holds a dominant position in its domestic market and is renowned globally for its high-quality fish oils. Leveraging its local market as a testing ground for product development and consumer research, LÝSI continually refines its offerings to maintain its competitive edge both at home and abroad.


Client Overview

Client: LÝSI
Industry: Health Food and Omega-3 Supplements
Market Share: 75% of the Icelandic health food market
Export Reach: Nearly 90 countries




LÝSI faced several challenges in modernizing its brand to maintain market leadership and expand its global presence.

The company required a cohesive brand strategy that would resonate with a diverse international audience while staying true to its Icelandic roots. Additionally, a visually appealing and user-friendly website was essential to enhance consumer engagement and drive conversions.


Website Design & Development

Brand Guidelines and Brand Strategy

Launch Campaign (Print)

Social Media Creative

No matter how you slice it, she likes what she´s seen so far, and she´s willing to give you a chance.


Brand perception improved positively, conversion increased by 25% and 90% of people surveyed liked the new rebranding.


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