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Test Cricket 10 Years Of Bangladesh

A Journey: Celebrating 10 Years of Test Cricket in Bangladesh

In a realm where design and art converge like never before, I had the privilege of working with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) on a project that stands out in my portfolio.

Thanks to the BCB’s support, I was able to lend my creative design and post-production expertise to this endeavor. The publication, “10 Years of Test Cricket Journey,” is an exceptional narrative that beautifully encapsulates a decade of cricket history. This project blends visual poetry with a vibrant narrative, resulting in stunning and impactful designs that are truly hard to find today.

Tagore Inspired Fashion show Billboard and Souvenir Design
Tagore Inspired Fashion show Billboard and Souvenir Design

Rediscovering Tagore Inspired Fashion Show

In 2015, I designed the billboards and souvenirs for the “Rediscovering Tagore” series, organized by the British Council to celebrate Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary. The series culminated in a dazzling fashion show at BICC on April 3rd, showcasing Tagore’s unique fashion sense. Known for his literary genius, Tagore also had a distinctive style that set him apart from his contemporaries. This fashion show aimed to highlight this often-overlooked aspect of Tagore’s legacy, with nine renowned designers presenting their creations inspired by his influence. The design process involved extensive research into Tagore’s fashion, literary works, and their visual representations. The billboards were crafted to be visually captivating, combining typography and imagery that reflected Tagore’s unique style and the event’s theme. The souvenirs, including programs and mementos, were designed to be memorable keepsakes that captured the essence of the celebration. The event successfully showcased Tagore’s fashion influence, drawing significant attention and appreciation from the audience, while the promotional materials played a key role in conveying the historical and cultural significance of Tagore’s fashion legacy.

Tagore Inspired Fashion show
Tagore Inspired Fashion show
Tagore Inspired Fashion show
Tagore Inspired Fashion show
UIU National HR Convention 2018
UIU National HR Convention 2018 Souvenir
Committed to Serve the Blind [ABC] Souvenir 2019
Committed to Serve the Blind [ABC] Souvenir 2019
Canvas Magazine Cover
Canvas Magazine Cover Design

Head of DTP for Canvas Magazine was a period of significant professional growth.

From June 2006 to May 2017, I served as the Head of Desktop Publishing (DTP) for Canvas Magazine, where I was responsible for designing the magazine covers, Layout, Design, Post Production. This role involved creating visually striking and engaging covers that captured the essence of each issue and appealed to our diverse readership. Each Issue required thorough research, innovative layout design, and close collaboration with editors and photographers to ensure it accurately represented the magazine’s content. My tenure saw a significant increase in readership and engagement, with the covers receiving positive feedback for their creativity and relevance, solidifying Canvas Magazine’s reputation as a leading publication.


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